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memberships and cooperations

The Education and Conference Centre Springe is an important nodal point in a network of professional further education institutions, and is an officially recognized institution for Adult Education in the state of Lower Saxony.  We are members of the State Association of Adult Education Colleges, members of the State Association of Residential Adult Education Colleges, as well as in the Education organisation “Arbeit und Leben” (Work and Life).

For our courses, we cooperate closely with the Miners’ Chemical and Energy Worker’s Union (IG BCE), the Metal Workers’ Union (IG Metall), Ver.di, and other unions which belong to the Federation of German Unions (TUC).

We also work closely with the Political Education Groups of Lower Saxony (PBN), the Municipal Academy of Lower Saxony, the State Centre for Political Education, and many other non-profit organisations.

Alongside our collaboration with local offices and authorities, we also have a large circle of clients from industry and companies.


Hinrich-Wilhelm-Kopf Haus (Innenraum)
Image: Hinrich-Wilhelm-Kopf Haus (Innenraum)